The Firm

Welcome to the web page of Petros Consulting Engineers Ltd. (PCEL).

PCEL was established in 2005, and has been well developed through the year. The director of the company is a Registered Structural Engineer (RSE), and is supported by a group of engineering staff and an Authorized Person. (AP)

Our vision is to provide our clients practical and economical structural engineering solutions for their properties or business development. Through our services, we hope, our clients will

˙Enjoy a safe, hygienic and harmonized living environment
˙Increase their property value
˙Increase of the profit of their business
˙Meet the statutory requirement

Our major scope of services are as follows:

˙New building development
˙Structural alteration and addition works
˙Structural adequacy checking for various licences application
˙Structural condition survey

For more detail of our service, please kick the button of SERVICES.

We hope you find this web page informative and useful. Should you have any query, please do contact us.